Leadership Team

The Reverend Anne Privett

The Rev’d Anne Privett is delighted to be the priest of St. Andrew’s church. She arrived in the parish at the end of November, 2014 and is excited to join this vibrant congregation in their many works of service to the community and ongoing visioning process.

The Ven. Christine Ross

The Ven. Christine Ross is our Minister of Community Outreach and has served the parish of St. Andrew’s for most of her more than 25 years as a deacon

Lynn Fairey RN, BScN

Lynn Fairey RN, BScN is our Parish Nurse and also a Licensed Lay Minister. Lynn offers programs and information on health and wellness topics that are of current interest through group work and her bulletin board. She brings communion to those who are homebound and supports people who are undergoing diagnosis or treatment. Lynn is…

David Sproule

David Sproule is our parish musician. David is a qualified music teacher and an experienced church musician; he has a varied repertoire and a mandate to include contemporary music in our services.